Confessions of a Pregnant Dreamer (Zzzzzzz…)

The other night while sleeping I had a  dream about Nate Fillion (Richard Castle) and when I got up, I started recalling all the weird and strange dreams I had during my pregnancies.

So you keep hearing that in the first trimester about how women are a mess, there’s nausea, they are constantly tired, there’s a pool of drool everytime they get up, believe me I’ve done it all, seen it all and it’s literally a crazy riot.

Now, I know I’m not the only one who goes through this but I have to share with you the funniest dreams I had during my pregnancy and I’m hoping that you guys will share yours with me – 

1. The first and the definitely the most insane one was about Aamir Khan: I dreamt that I was in the Gurudwara (temple) sitting quietly listening to the kirtan (hymns) and wondering to myself as to how wonderful it is that today of all days so many people are there enjoying and being blissful. Little did I know, post the kirtan, everybody started clapping loudly and there were loud discussions and general amazement on how wonderful everything went.

Now people who have been to the Gurudwara know that this literally NEVER happens but of course it was the most extraordinary thing that was happening there since Aamir Khan had graced us with his presence and was actually singing for every one. That’s correct, Aamir Khan was singing in the Gurudwara which is why people started clapping after.

I woke up later and realised that watching Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, only made me think of Aamir khan more and not only was he a brilliant actor but an amazing singer as well.


2. Another dream and I know I’m not the only one who has had this dream, involved a certain male neighbour of mine making teppanyaki for me and the husband along with fresh gelato.

Although I don’t know why I dreamt about my neighbour considering I see him once every six months but yes it was none the less an engaging evening with this tall and mysterious neighbour of ours.


3. Last but definitely not the least was my favourite dream of the lot: I was stealing things in an Australian museum with the 3 hosts from Masterchef Australia… That’s correct, I may not know how to cook very well nor am I that inclined towards it but I definitely know how to get those 3 to steal a blue boat hanging on a wall for me – I was the ring leader you see!

The dream of course ended when Matt Preston dropped the boat on the staircase and woke up the guards! Damn it, we were so close… Hahahaha 🙂


These dreams were some of the brighter side effects to my first trimester in the pregnancy and definitely as you can see, the things you remember and laugh about for years to come! Have you had any such weird dreams being pregnant or not, I am sure I am not the only weird one! Do share… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Pregnant Dreamer (Zzzzzzz…)”

  1. So cute!! I sure had a lot of dreams but can’t recall any because of horrible memory 🙈. Yes the dreams were connected with what I read or watched. Or the conversation I had with someone. Pregnancy is one most precious time in any girl’s life that transforms her in to a mother, a woman. Especially when it’s her first time!! Beautifully written Dilpreet 😊

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